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  • Muxia Muxia MyTeam Modern Challenges: Legacy We can import/collect your favorite unlocked 2k21 card(s) into 2K23. E.g. At the beginning of each year, we are given an increaser with our highest-rated PG, SG, PF, PF, and PF. The card is labelled as"legacy" and only accessible to legacy challenges because we don't want them having any impact on the sales of 2K's economy. I hope these challenges enable us to unlock more 2k21 cards in the next year. In 2k23 we will take those legacy cards and put them into the 2k23 legacy set. 2k23's legacy challenges will allow us to unlock legacy cards from 2K23 (and maybe 2k21). Any thing that allows for that year of grinding and other pursuits to continue is a great idea. I can understand the rationale behind it. I'm happy with the cards being limited to a single challenge every week, and maybe the training mode. They cannot be used in online modes They aren't allowed to aid users with Domination or any other offline mode, they can't aid anyone in any way, that would discourage you from buying more cards during the course of. Think of it as a way to encourage your customers to keep playing year after year and allow them to create a legacy group throughout the years. Just a personal example. This is just an example of my own. I have put aside playing NBA2k for around 2/3 years. Since I don't like the thought of my grind being lost every time a new 2K game comes out, I purchase two games every two or three years. At least give us some extra mt/vc (knowing that NBA 2K MT times out, this won't occur) as a reward, or let us use those players in special game modes. Buy cheap NBA 2K23 MT for sale at legit online store NBA2king. with great service, 100% secure and fast.
    Jun 2