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    February 6, 2022 10:08 PM PST

    2 days ago, my most rich friend OSRS GP on the planet, rs (22 the BIL banks) (also my dg partner) loaned me 6mil so I could purchase Ags (had 33mil ), and the 6m he gave enabled me to buy Ags for 38m. I still have 1m to use for praying pots) and told me to pay him back anytime. Alrdy also received an additional 1m sincethen, and will be enough to pay him bk by the end of this week.

    In essence, 1m isn't much over an hrs worth of work.. And i make roughly 800k-1m within 5 minutes each day by using daily. Most beggers don't get anything.. But the few who are lucky are rewarded with a bit.. Even though they're not very common.

    Also, on FOG, my friend was getting about 11 tokens and 10 rating... however, the last time I played I didn't have a lot. What happened to FOG? It was that high when he was carrying around 1.2K Charges, and the Guy had like 100. The FOG guy isn't sure, but I posted about his skills prior to them in ()'s.

    I'm looking to buy the Explorer Ring to get the stats... most of those stats are for the explorer ring though. What should I get first? Do you know what kind of order I should put them in? Additionally, what's the amount of xp/is super heating? Mage xp in addition to Smithing XP. I'm hoping to go and do super heat this week.

    In F2P In F2P, unfortunately to OSRS gold say, there isn't much variety. The highest potential drop does come from a revenant, which is the corrupted dragon Scimi. However, aside from that it's only coins that you can't even place in your money pouch.