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The reason for the error of gps personal tracker

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    January 12, 2022 9:49 PM PST

    At present, many car users will choose to install gps personal tracker, which can realize real-time tracking of vehicles by using GPS positioning system, and use GPS positioning and monitoring management system to carry out emergency rescue in case of danger or accident. But gps personal tracker tends to cause errors due to some other factors.

    What are the reasons for errors in gps personal tracker?

    GPS positioning is a complex system, which will be affected by various factors when used, mainly divided into four types:

    1. SA

    Taking national interests as the starting point, the US government artificially reduces the accuracy of GPS navigation and positioning for ordinary users by limiting the accuracy of GPS positioning, GPS reference signals and high-frequency jitter.

    2. Satellite Ephemeris Error

    In GPS positioning, various types of ephemeris are required to calculate the GPS navigation parameters of the satellite position at certain moments, but no matter which ephemeris method is used, the calculated satellite position will be different from its actual position, which is determined by called ephemeris error.

    Third, satellite clock difference

    Satellite clock errors include clock errors, frequency offsets, frequency drifts, and random errors of clocks. In GPS measurement, whether it is code phase observation or carrier phase observation, both the satellite clock and the receiving clock are required to be strictly synchronized. Although all GPS satellites have high-precision atomic clocks (rubidium and cesium), they still have time differences from ideal GPS.

    Fourth, the deviation of the antenna phase center position

    The deviation of the antenna phase center position refers to the difference between the nominal phase center and the actual phase center of the GPS signal transmitting antenna.

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