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    November 15, 2021 7:42 PM PST

    The actual above-mentioned standard category method, the 16-level system continues to be relatively good, basically reaching exactly the same level of cigarettes quality. But there's also shortcomings. Mainly consist of: ① The components are too slim and too lifeless, and each level is restricted to small components. ②There are a lot of colors. For instance, yellow tobacco simply leaves have 10 colours: golden yellow, beige, gentle yellow, khaki, darkish yellow, old yellow-colored, red-yellow, brown-yellow, brown-yellow, as well as brown. Too numerous colors, too near grades, it is difficult to comprehend the concepts of every other, and the knowledge in different places can also be inconsistent. ③ Cigarettes quality grade is actually too fine. For instance, gloss, organization, and so on. are specified because slightly poor, somewhat poor, poor, bad, and extremely bad. There are 18 differences within the standard; the width is divided in to 12 grades, the width isn't suitable Newport 100S, and it's not easy to understand. ④The standard program is incomplete Marlboro Red, there are no requirements when it comes to specifications and popularity rules, and the actual understanding and execution of different areas are inconsistent. Especially there isn't any grouping, only grading requirements. Not only the actual characteristics and characteristics from the tobacco leaves aren't separated, but the colors from the tobacco leaves will also be mixed. Some tobacco leaves from the same grade are yellow and some are cyan, and the standard varies greatly. There are lots of types of cigarettes standards, which aren't scientific and sensible enough, which isn't conducive to the actual development of flue-cured tobacco production and also the improvement of cigarettes leaf quality Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Simultaneously, it is not really conducive to smoke formulations and growing tobacco exports. Using the development of the actual tobacco industry, the nation requires a single national standard with regard to flue-cured tobacco. Underneath the leadership, the Agency of Standards, the actual Ministry of Gentle Industry, and additional relevant departments work closely. The Tobacco Research Institute caused relevant units to review and formulate nationwide standards for flue-cured cigarettes. After a large amount of research and medical practice.
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