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Cremation Insurance Service

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    January 17, 2023 3:38 AM PST

    Cremation Insurance Service" (AIS), which oversees insurance to protect the health-care system from fraud. As long as there are no "insignificant deficiencies" by the government on the insurance claims made by enrollees, the state can "not charge any additional amount" to cover the entire cost of premiums. But as with most insurance plans in Massachusetts, the amount of money the AIS would be charged does not appear in state law. And that amount is set aside by the state to cover any shortfall in state and federal Medicaid reimbursements as well as other federal grants. The Legislature passed a similar law about this time last year, requiring all states to take into account the costs of premiums paid to enrollees under the AIS. If the Senate bill, signed by Gov. Charlie Baker in 2011, comes to law, or at this point has passed the House, that would mean Massachusetts can now pay for an additional $25M in Medicaid reimbursements by 2015. If the chamber did not pass it in February there would be more than $100M in federal funds allocated to the state to pay medical costs or hospital treatment for those with pre-existing conditions. The "Obamacare" insurance marketplaces will start providing states with free plans starting in June 2016. In addition to insurance from Massachusetts, the states that participate in the markets will also receive a matching grant from the federal government. There's no requirement for the federal government to cover more than about

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