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  • It's not easy to stand out in NBA 2K22's MyTeam mode if you're an amateur penny-pincher. These are the tactics that give an edge to anyone playing for fun. This tip is totally free The players who do poorly at NBA 2K22's MyTeam can pay ten thousands of dollars and appear a lot better. This isn't an obscure fact but it's not necessarily something everyone can do as it's only the elite players that dominate the leaderboards. If you have a cash advantage like that, can it be conceivable that any gamer can beat the top players?

    Most likely not, but it's possible to field a solid team and still be able to enjoy MyTeam without having to spend any additional money. The fantasy basketball simulation within NBA 2K22 can eat up the newest players, however these tips should give even rookies with the weakest skills an enormous boost.

    Like many other sports franchises that are popular, like many sports, NBA 2K series has a very active and involved community. They often use this, creating events outside of the game itself that award the players in-game rewards. Scanning a player's face is one example, giving locker codes on social media is another.

    It is a good idea to regularly check their social media daily and looking up Locker Codes. These are free VC and MyTeam rewards, some which are would take days or even weeks of gaming time to earn.

    There are two different modes: MyCareer and MyTeam, both make use of Virtual Currency (VC) to boost their performance. Players can make use of their best center to accumulate successes, go through quests and complete objectives for the season in Virtual Currency and then spend it on MyTeam.
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