How to achieve organizational excellence with ISO 9001: A case

  • ISO 9001 Standard business leaders are on a continual quest to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, many see quality management as an overhead expense. If quality professionals are to be more proactive in organizational success, as suggested in ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia, we need to address QMS implementation using a more business-oriented approach and to find out how, read the following ISO 9001 implementation case study. 


    The paradigm shift – Learn from the industry leaders


    The following is a case study of how Dell Computer implemented their ISO 9001:2000 transition. ISO 9001 standard was first implemented in their Asset Recovery Business (ARB), which had major challenges in meeting its strategic business goals. The directive was not merely to implement the 2000 revision for compliance, but to examine each element for creating a return on investment. We created a web-based tool called The BMIS, which was an enterprise-wide operational control system that embedded the requirements of ISO 9001 standard into the workflow.


    The directive from senior management


    “ARB will be successful only by focusing on the management system as a whole.

    • ISO 9000-1994 focuses on operations related to production and delivery of goods and service.

    • ISO 9000-2000 scope will require an enterprise-wide focus.


    BMIS will be designed to address current and future management system requirements by incorporating a continuous process improvement methodology across the enterprise.”


    ISO 9001 Certification is instead of the quality group conducting training for management, management opened the transition kick-off meeting with the following mandate:


    • Ever-improving Value to Customers

    • Marketplace Success and Enhanced Competitiveness

    • Applicable to Entire Organization

    • Process-Focused

    • Assessments and Measures of Progress Toward World-Class


    ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore the implementation team consisted of cross-functional individuals who each focused on their own areas of responsibility. A web programmer incorporated not only the quality management system requirements, but all business functions into BMIS on the corporate web. Every piece of data that anyone in ARB needs to do their jobs would be no more than three clicks away. The screen saver is a scrolling real-time set of operational performance metrics that alerts the process owners to variations in effectiveness and timeliness. 


    The outcome

    And here are the outcomes:


    • Within a year of implementation, the division reported that they had turned around a significant operating loss to profitability.

    • They reduced out-of-box audit defect rates from 28% to 7.3%.

    • Their transition certification auditors praised BMIS as “best in class.”

    • They consolidated five manufacturing facilities into two.

    • They reduced manufacturing costs by 15%.

    • They were able to create 40% business growth.

    • They increased unit sales by 145%.


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