Blizzard solution to avoid this problem with Diablo


    According to Wilson explained, the Blizzard solution to avoid this problem with Diablo 3 was to take control of the market for trading. This is also the reason behind the game's decision to require an all-time-online internet connection. Wilson affirms that the moment you provide an offline client the hackers "got you Diablo IV Gold." Always available and the auction house were Blizzard's failed attempts to control the problems that came from Diablo 2.

    In the short time following its release in 2012, Diablo 3's auction house became seen as one of the games biggest flaws, getting a constant mocking and criticism by the community. But removing it wasn't simple in the least, not due to technical headaches. The reason for the delay in 2014 removal was because the auction house was a promised feature of the game and was printed on every one the retail packaging and there were legal issues with cutting the feature.

    "The reason we did not take it off right away when we saw it was a problem was legally, we didn't believe we could since it was advertised on box," explained Wilson. "So we actually had to wait a while to think about the legal aspects before we finally decided that we believe it's worth trying and if we do end up getting a lawsuit, oh well.'"

    It's funny that when it was said and done, Wilson states that the auction house didn't even bring Blizzard any money In fact, if it made more than 10 or 15 million dollars the designer would think he was "surprised." Although it might sound like something in reality, the former Diablo 3 designer countered that World of Warcraft makes that kind of money every few hours or that's about it. Another participant on the panel laughed that, in the usual fashion it's the case that you "always accuse lawyers." Also, everyone was against it, and it did not make a lot of revenue buy Diablo 4 Gold. The whole thing was a waste of time for everyone that was