You’ll get the Rainmaking Ritual Leftovers

  • Warning: To complete this cooking recipe, you’ll first need to raise your Rapport ranking with Lost Ark Gold NPC Thunder to its maximum level, "Trusted." You can find Thunder at the Nomad Camp in Saland Hill.

    Once you do, as a gift, she’ll reward you with the "Ritual Food Ingredient." Take this over to Cook Hella in the south of the same camp and, for 1,700 silver, she’ll craft you the Rainmaking Ritual Food. Use that, and you’ll get the Rainmaking Ritual Leftovers. Use those, and they’ll be added to your Yudia Adventurer’s Tome.

    Salt Cracker – Saland Hill Cooking Ingredient

    From the Salt Works Triport, leave the village by either exit and follow one of the paths into Occupied Saltern. You’re heading for where the north passage out of Occupied Saltern begins. Just south of the first set of guards there’s a large rock just north of a broken-down fence. Go to the south-side of the large rock, and you should get the "investigate" icon.

    Warning: Searching here will get you "Salt Crystals." Once you have quite a few (at least 10), open your inventory and start right-clicking them (or do a batch). Keep going until you have a Salt Cracker, which you can simply right-click to add to your tome. Most will become Broken Crackers, which you can just destroy – they’re worthless. But at least this is a safe spot to stand and investigate. Also, after multiple "investigate" actions, the icon may disappear. If it does, just wait a few seconds, and it will reappear.

    Salted Food Box – Ozhorn Hill Cooking Ingredient

    Head south from the Ozhorn Assembly Area Triport and into Nevatia Ruins. Go to the southwest corner of the ruins, where you’ll find some mimics (chests with teeth) and ghosts. There's a collapsed floor at the far end of the mimic area with some planks jutting out. Here you’ll find the "Old Encavian Food Chest." Once you’ve got this, simply head back to Cook Lost Ark Gold for sale Hella at the Nomad Camp in Saland Hill. She can turn it into a Salted Food Box for you at the price of 1,400 silver coins.