We are continuing to roll out more bans

  • Nveda Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Lost Ark Gold"Last Friday we began with the ban of bots that target over a million accounts that are not legitimate," the update said (thanks, NME(opens in new tab)). "We know this will not solve the issue by itself and there are bots playing the game so we want to provide the reassurance that this was only one step in an ongoing fight.

    "Following the initial ban wave, we are continuing to roll out more bans in order to eliminate more bots from the game. In addition, we're also working on internal methods and tools that will make it harder for bots in the game, especially at the current rate they're being made. The new features will be coming into the game. "We've also received concerns from players about the effects these bots may have on the economic system in the game when it comes to gold purchases and sales, and we are closely following this situation," the post explained. "We have changed the reward for gold to silver in some Rapport along with Guide Quest rewards in order to stop the misuse from these mechanisms by bots as well as gold producers."

    So what is Smilegate will do about the in-game economy

    "Please also remember that participating in any real-money transactions (RMT) through third-party sellers is in violation of our terms of service and may result in an account ban that includes both buyers and seller" it said. "To protect your account, be [wary] of gold and gifts sent to you by people you don't know, and never accept any gift cards that appear cheapest Lost Ark Gold in your mailer that you doubt about. "New To Lost Ark "If Lost Ark did not make the news until its near-instant climb up the Steam charts, allow us to explain the story," Ali explains in his articleWhat's Lost Ark and Why Is it exploding on Steam(opens in new tab).