Diablo 4: The Pros and Cons of Including the Necromancer

  • Diablo 4 has gone a long time without getting any major news D2R Items. Thankfully, the days of that silence may be nearly over. In just a few more weeks, Blizzard will be hosting Blizzcon, and Diablo 4 will likely take the stage, hopefully revealing some new details. Fans are dying to know what all their class choices will be, but Blizzard has left them wondering for a long time.

    There's no shortage of options if Diablo 4's last classes come from previous games. If Blizzard wants to focus on tradition in this game, one of the most crucial classes it could choose is the Necromancer, as this master of dark magic and ruler of undeath showed up as a player character in both Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

    It's a very special niche deeply tied into Diablo's identity as a dark fantasy franchise. However, including the Necromancer at this stage might cause some problems in Diablo 4 as far as balance is concerned. There's certainly an audience for the class, but is it the right thing for Blizzard to offer from the start?

    Diablo 4 does seem like a pretty nostalgic affair so far, in spite of its new storyline. There's three classes revealed for the game so far: the Druid, the Sorceress, and the Barbarian, all of which have roots in Diablo 2. Only the Barbarian showed up afterwards cheap D2R ladder items, which gives the impression that the developer of Diablo 4 is looking strongly at Diablo 2 for inspiration. If that's the case, the Necromancer would go a long way in channeling nostalgia for that game. It's one of the most unique class options available in the game and it stood out in Diablo 3 too.