A brand-new feature that was introduced with Diablo adventures

  • Offering players the chance to go beyond pay and click was an important element to the Diablo team, said Wilson D2R Items. By citing the example of Berserker, Wilson advised that it's unwise to take these characters head-on.

    Instead, the berserker was made to be a powerful hiter that is vulnerable when he fails. If players would be able to track their advance, they'd be able to get easy hits with the berserker once they've failed and their guns remain immobilized in the earth.

    The way the action was analyzed and analyzed, so was the role-playing. Wilson stated that his team has taken steps to improve the game's story without losing the Blizzard's "opt in" approach of giving players the opportunity to read dialogue. He also assured that RPG elements will be improved by eliminating the generic nature of random dungeons as well as incorporating additional non-player interactions with characters to make the world more real.

    "We are looking to view quests as a way to play with different characters," he further explained. "If your town comes under attack, players may need to protect citizens, assist guards, make a difference other than play with players and click on the monster."

    Wilson concluded his presentation. Wilson went back to the point that he briefly mentioned earlier and that was adventures. A brand-new feature that was introduced with Diablo adventures, they are scripted scenarios that can be placed anywhere within a level. If or when an adventure happens on any given play-through will be random and so will the location that they're placed into.

    Characters that undergo changes in their class Class Change will have placeholder gear that has a similar rank to the gear worn by the character prior to the Class Change, and gear outfitted by the previous variant of the characters will also be put within the inventory of the player. The players will be able to alter their appearance after making the change and Paragon points will be reset D2R ladder items buy. All clan, warband, and social group affiliations will be carried over.