Wondering what's the best NBA team to choose for Point Guards

  • You dropped the ball off for Travis Scott, you have J. Cole on the cover NBA 2K Coins, and you even held Lil Wayne at your launch event, how have you made those connections? Are you looking for the top Point Guard build for NBA 2K23? The Point Guard, also known as The One or The Point is usually the short player of an NBA team. He also runs the offense similar to a quarterback in the NFL. If you're on the team your job is to assist teammates as well as completing offensive plays.

    This brand new Point Guard build is a shooter and playmaker god, that has decent perimeter defense and a huge badge potential. This build has the potential to achieve the highest OVR level of 99 and is upgradeable to 70 Badge Points, including: 18 Finalizing Badge Points as well as 24 Shooting Badges, 22 playmaking Badge Points and 6 Defense / Rebounding Badge Points.

    This latest generation Point Guard build is a pure shooting and playmaking beast, with just enough on defense for a job on the perimeter. The build is able to reach the maximum OVR rating of 99 as well as be upgraded with up to 83 Badge Points, including: 15 finishing Badge Points as well as 26 Shooting Badges 29 playmaking Badge Points and 13 Defense / Rebounding Badge Points.

    Wondering what's the best NBA team to choose for Point Guards? Once you've finished with building your Point Guard build, you'll be required to pick an NBA team to be recruited to to begin your MyCareer. Although you are free to go ahead and select your favorite franchise in the event that you'd like However, we do have couple of suggestions for you using rosters from the past and the best way to complement them:

    LA Lakers: Russel Westbrook is a solid player, but with a fairly low rating, you'll be able of taking his spot at the top of the lineup. You'll be playing alongside Small Forward Lebron James and Centre Anthony Davis in LA, so there's huge upside to selecting those Lakers.Miami Heat: At 36-years-old the Heat's present forward Kyle Lowry is getting on a bit 2K23 MT Buy. This means that you'll likely be able take his place fairly easily.