Returning to Diablo's tried and true gameplay

  • The lead designer of the game also emphasized Diablo's "simple to learn D2R ladder items, hard to master" gameplay, a principle of the franchise and the significance of a seamless learning curve. "In Diablo's normal mode, it was actually an simple game" the designer said.

    Wilson confirmed that Blizzard is currently working on a new version of to improve the ability to play cooperative play. "We aim to get rid of all barriers for players to be able to play and interact with one another," he said.

    Returning to Diablo's tried and true gameplay, Wilson said that the gameplay's elements of action were closely studied. One of the biggest adjustments made to the gameplay to enhance the action was to remove the use of potions as the main health mechanic.

    In order to prevent players from becoming too dependent on health potions, Wilson said that defeated monsters will now drop the globes that contain health. This is also designed to keep players in the fray to ensure minimal or no interruption between fights.

    The option for players to do more than just charge and click was also an important consideration on the part of this Diablo team, said Wilson. For instance, citing Berserker, Wilson explained that it's wise not to face these characters head-on.

    The berserker, however, was created to be a heavy batter that could be vulnerable when he fails to hit. If the players were to monitor their progress, they'd be in a position to hit easily on the berserker if they fail and their weapons end up immobilized in the earth.

    Since the actions were measured as was the role-playing. Wilson stated that his team has made changes to improve its story buy d2r items, but without losing the Blizzard's "opt in" approach that allows players to choose to read the dialogue. He also promised that the RPG elements will be improved by eliminating the generic nature of random dungeons and also by incorporating the non-player characters in order to create a world that is alive.