Madden has been the main factor in Blue River's rise to postsea

  • "It gives us an inside-out punch" Bales said. "Her running is fantastic ... she sees the floor so well and she's very unselfish Madden 22 coins." It's a matter of putting her entire body for the team's benefit. She's scrappy, takes charges as she chases loose balls in competition for rebounding, and defends hard and, in the end, results in a "daily" dosage of bruises and bumps in the words of Bales.

    Madden acknowledged that she's a valuable asset to have on Blue River's roster, however she admits it's not easy to train against Loveless. Yet, she makes the team more tough and this, along with her experience should help the Vikings keep their postseason success.

    "Her energy is exactly what we need. Everybody kind of feeds off of her. Whatever you do with her, just makes us feel better," Bales said. "Last year she was on the bench. She was playing about half the game. She was the same type of player, however she wasn't as disciplined ... She is now more (in controlled) and has stopped changing the ball."

    Blue River has stumbled some in the beginning of the season, losing its opener at Waldron (7-0) and losing 50-49 when it played at home against Blackford on November. 27. Madden blames it on the need to adjust to new players in new roles, however Wapahani has been the team's most effective offensive performance thus far.

    The freshmen Charlee Gibson and senior Samantha Webb have done a great job in Thornburgh and Cross locations as well as the Vikings all around have a wealth of shooting that not many class 1A teams are able to match. It is all about improving the defense right now, and Madden and Chamberlin will be the primary players. If everything can come together and the team can be successful cheap mut coins, this Blue River group has the chance of making history in school.