Why should I install a 4g car gps tracker for my car?

  • In recent years, many young people have installed 4g car gps tracker on their new cars. The reason for installing GPS is not only to prevent theft. Enterprise vehicles install locators for company fleet management, and mortgage guarantees are installed for mortgage guarantees.

    What is the effect of installing a 4g car gps tracker in a private car? Anti-theft is only the basis, and many people around me have encountered friends who borrowed the car. You can know where your car is going, how fast it is, and whether it is speeding through the historical track. Violation, etc. The historical trajectory is kept for three months, and you can also view the trajectory information for the past three months on it and share your own journey. In addition, we will always encounter that our relatives call over and ask you where you are. When will you come back? Through the Oya Star App, you can share your location in real time, allowing your loved ones to check your location at any time, know where you are, what road, and how long you can come back. Especially for some long-distance Friends and family members of the car are often very worried. With the supporting use of the 4g car gps tracker and the Oya Star software, it can at least reduce the worry of the family.