Hidden GPS TRACKER FOR CAR Power? Will it affect the life of th

  • Hidden GPS Tracker FOR CAR is divided into two built-in batteries and two types of wiring. The GPS locator of wiring classes can be grasped by real-time positioning, and can view the vehicle position at any time, and can view historical trajectories, all kinds of driving reports, etc., in many industries Such as official bus management, private car anti-theft, loan truck tracking and other fields have been widely used, many owners or drivers have such questions, and the automobile is installed with GPS positioning instruments. How big is the power consumption of the vehicle battery, will not Effect on the life of the automotive battery?

    In general, the terminal GPS positioner is unavoidable because there is a need to turn the vehicle battery, and it is unavoidable to cause loss of battery electricity. The old-fashioned GPS positioner is constantly positioning and transmitting, power consumption. Large

    However, the new GPS positioner is much smaller, and some there are intelligent work functions. If the car, the GPS positioner has built-in 3D motion sensor, it can judge the vehicle operation status by detecting the body vibration, when the vehicle stops When the device enters the standby state, it is not positioned with satellite communication search, and only a long time sends a heartbeat package data to ensure GPS online. This depth standby state, the power consumption is still small, complete It can be ignored, so there is no impact on the battery cell. When the vehicle is fired, the moving sensor of the device detects the body vibration, the GPS positioner enters the working state, communicates with satellite in real time, does not affect the GPS usage effect.

    Therefore, the Hidden GPS Tracker for Car Power should be dependent on the power consumption and function of the locator. Generally, it will not affect the life of the automotive battery, and the owner can use it with confidence.