A Bright, Colourful Farm Wedding

  • Bride Harriet is a post producer in Shoreditch and grooms Andy a VFX assistant. The couple chose 2nd September 2017 his their wedding date, saying their I Do's in Oxfordshire, then a reception in Horley. One thing the bride-to-be did know she wanted was an ethical wedding gown, which reduced her choices considerably if this came to dress shopping.

    "My bridesmaids all chose their very own blue bridesmaid dresses. It was vital to me that everybody felt comfortable around the day and wore something which they didn't feel awkward. I chose the sapphire blue out of the jewel colors that sort of had become the color references for your day. The bridesmaids were all over, with Meg even flying in from Australia, so joint shopping trips would have been tricky as you would expect. The bridesmaids contain my twin sister, the eldest sister, and 2 best friends."

    "They're all completely different people also it would have been so difficult to find something which worked for everybody. We were built with a Whatsapp group where ideas and options were posted and held in touch by doing this. I loved the dresses the girls chose. They were all so different, however, reflected them as individuals. They all looked so beautiful."

    "They all bought and chose their very own shoes. They were given short silver and sparkly plus they all chose something to match their outfits and personal styles. They also wore Origami crane hairpins. I bought these as part of their thanks gifts like a little reminder from the day. We had 1000 paper cranes as part of the decor."

    "I chose to not wear a veil like a lot from the detail during my dress was around the back. I did however possess a gorgeous headpiece produced by the ladies at Minna utilizing the same lace because of the details on my dress, having a vintage brooch within the center."

    "My shoes were emerald-green sparkly flats by. I desired to wear flats as I'm so clumsy and desired to feel as comfortable as possible around the day. I chose these because they were so special, bright, and colorful, along with a bit different. These were the very first thing I bought for that wedding coupled with them for 11 months before your day. Every time Andy could be out I'd sneak them on and strut around our flat inside them."

    "Andy and I met at the office. I had only been in the company for some weeks, we chatted briefly and shared a cheeky not-so-secret kiss at the office Christmas party. It was repaid though and we've been together since. We got engaged in Bristol. It's somewhere we’ve been considering relocating to and that we went for some time weekend trip to scope the area and explore."

    "There were a lot of amazing moments around the day, it's so difficult to pick my favorite. Getting ready using the girls in the morning was a lot of fun, it had been lovely being encompassed by some of my favorite people. My mum helping me with my dress was very special too, and my father saw me in the dress for the very first time. I think my ultimate highlight was walking into the town hall and seeing everyone and Andy in the top from the aisle using the biggest grin on his face."

    "Andy says his favorite bit from the day was two moments. Firstly, and many clichéd, was turning around and seeing me for the very first time as I came on the aisle. His second favorite moment was leaving the city hall within the VW therefore we could take a minute just the two people and think about what had just happened."

    Words of Wedded Wisdom

    "Try to savor the process and never get bogged down using the little things. It's not worth dealing with breaking point over! Try to be as organized as you possibly can. We found assigning specific tasks for that set up useful because it meant that everybody was in a position to get up with things around the day."

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