Moody, Intimate, Chic + Minimalist Winter Wedding Inspiration

  • It's unusual for all of us to receive an editorial submission involving a few, that don't include shots associated with faces. Still, this beautiful assortment of photographs represents something a little different from the norm.

    "Visually the inspiration came in the couple itself – a genuine couple and 2 beings with individual and shared visions, preferences, and designs. There is her, the bride-to-be, who prefers clean lines, lighter hues, and considered aesthetics but is also fascinated with gold and vintage elements."


    "Shot on a grey day in late November, Jessica weaved her magic capturing all of the carefully curated elements having a sense of calm and richness. The couple felt relaxed around her, evident in the shots we now have of them."

    Photographer Jessica says "Winter is just one of my favorite times to photograph weddings due to the soft, defused sunlight you can get. With limited hours of sunlight, I advise all my couples to plan around once the sun sets so that you maximize the sunshine that you have."


    "When I approached Carla, she understood and shared my vision immediately. Carla created three centerpieces per table – one only using lighter elements, reflecting the bride-to-be's preferences. One that has both, lighter and darker colors."

    "And one which uses mainly darker flowers, reflecting your daughter's groom's vision. Repeat that across a lot of tables, and you'll acquire a beautifully diverse rhythm of opposing tones, textures, and heights – not expected."

    Stationery + Ring

    "The stationery was delivered to life by Natalie at. We put lots of emphasis on graphic design – it desired to feel bold and lightweight at the same time, to reflect your daughter's groom and bride in equal measures. We aimed for any modern classic vibe having a touch of 20’s vintage, all printed to matt top-quality paper having a leather feel."

    "The band was kindly supplied by, who's aesthetic I adore – it's influenced strongly by reductionism, top quality materials, and purist elements."

    What They Wore

    "Our bride wore a sleeveless boho wedding dress. Her hair was loosely tied to a low ponytail, and her nails and make-up were kept natural, all reflecting her fascination with understated elegance."

    "The groom wore a tailored suit inside a dark navy, which complemented his character and complexion so well."

    "All plates were specially produced by the dear Karina from Leu, nobody listened to the brief. She designs probably the most simple and beautiful every single day things that clay will make you – one to bear in mind for when you are looking at meaningful wedding presents."

    "The cutlery was supplied by João at, the 2 tone Bauhaus set was an ideal addition to the design concept, featuring clean lines by having an edge, perfectly merging purpose and sweetness in flatware. An investment for a lifetime and yet a different one to be considered for that registry."

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