ACNH Mystery Island Guide - How To Go On Mystery Island Tours &

  • In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Mystery Island is another way Nintendo offers players to quickly collect more crafting materials, and Mystery journey not only allows players to explore the unknown but also allows players to bring back rare cheap Animal Crossing Items. In this guide, we will introduce how to go on mystery island tours and mystery island types in In Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0.


    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mystery Island Tours Guide


    In ACNH, players can go on mystery island tours in two ways: talking to Orville or talking to Kapp'n in ACNH 2.0.


    Talk to Orville: Since the release of New Horizons, players have been able to go on mystery island journeys by going to Dodo Airlines and talking to Orville. Before doing this method, we need to get a Nook Miles Ticket, we can redeem Animal Crossing NMT with 2,000 Nook Miles at the Resident Services Centre on our island. We only need to complete daily tasks on the island to earn Nook Miles. Take the Nook Miles Ticket to Dodo Airlines and after talking to Orville, he will send us on a mystery island tour.


    Talk to Kapp'n: Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0, a mystery island journey is available by talking to Kapp'n. We just have to interact with Kapp'n by shelling out 1,000 Nook Miles, and then we can go on mystery island round trips with NPCs.


    It's worth mentioning: no matter which method to start the mystery island journey, the islands we arrive at are random. We are also unable to determine whether the final arrival is an ordinary island or a rare island. Whether or not to enter the rare mystery island depends on the players' luck. While rare mystery islands will bring more valuable items to players, we can also make full use of ordinary islands to obtain items that are helpful to us.


    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mystery Island Types 


    While ACNH Mystery Island has never had official names, they currently have the following unique types:


    1. Spiral River Island (9.68% encounter rate): This island feature is a river that winds in a spiral.


    2. Big Pond Island (9.68% encounter rate): There is a large pond in the middle of this island, and there is a small second level in the northwest. The pond has plenty of pond fish such as koi.


    3. Short River Island (9.68% encounter rate): It is a small island with upper and lower layers. The river starts from the second layer in the north and flows down a waterfall, turning east, the scenery is very beautiful.


    4. Short River and Pond Island (9.68% encounter rate): This island has an almost identical layout to Short River Island, with the addition of a pond to the southwest of the island.


    5. Arachnid Island (2% encounter rate): This island is a rare mystery island that players can only encounter once a day. It is a single-tiered island with an octagonal stream in the center surrounding a smaller island in the center.


    6. Bamboo Island (10% encounter rate): As the name suggests, this island is full of bamboo, is a single-tiered island, and is the one with the highest encounter rate.


    7. Money Rock Island (5% encounter rate): Requires Resident Services Building upgrade. The island is characterized by a large lake and a small island consisting of 5 rocks. The rocks on the island central are all money rocks, and there is a total of 88,500 Animal Crossing Bells on the island that will drop.


    8. Scorpion and Money Rock Island: (1% encounter rate):  This is also a rare mystery Island and Requires Resident Services Building upgrade. The characteristic of this island is that there are four small triangular cliffs at each corner of the island, and there is no water. Money stones and flowers are scattered on the ground between the cliffs, and there are also a large number of scorpions on the island.


    Have you ever encountered any of these islands? Let us know in the comments section below. If you want to get a Nook Miles Ticket to mystery island quickly, you can come to ACItems to Buy Nook Miles Tickets with fast delivery and safe payment.