Animal Crossing Villager Name Change Guide - Change Your Villag

  • When we play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we will definitely connect the content of the game with real life. Players through mortgages, bug fishing, weeding, planting flowers, and making cheap Animal Crossing Items paint the real world.


    Despite its awesome virtual world, updating one’s character name in ACNH is a very difficult thing to do, and for some reason, Nintendo doesn't allow players to do it, and there is currently no solution provided. But now players don't have to worry, because one hardcore  ACNH fan has figured out the best way to update villager names. So in this guide, we're going to introduce you to changing villager names without restarting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


    Recently, the popular Nintendo player and YouTuber, ceomg, took advantage of the power of the modding Switch to mention on her channel how to change the villager's name multiple times without restarting the game itself, let's take a look method of operation.


    The Best & Effective Way To Change Your Villager’s Name Without Restarting In ACNH


    1. We want to change the name of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizo​​ns, need to use a program called New Horizons Save Editor (NHSE). It's worth noting that in addition to changing your villager's name, it can also be used to change your player name, town name, wallet, and many other things.


    2. In the NHSE program, we just need to enter your villager's new name in the box displayed by the NHSE, but the name should not exceed 10 characters.


    3. Go ahead to update the player name and load it, save it to your switch and we can see how it works next. Finally, going back to our island and saw the new name successfully updated in Animal Crossing and also clearly showing up on our villagers' passports.


    What we need to remember at this point is that we can only use a modded Nintendo Switch to change the villager's name, but don't worry, in ceomg's experience, there is no harm in making any modifications to the console.


    ACNH Became The Best-Selling Game In Japan


    According to a new report from the Game Data Library, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has surpassed several Pokemon titles to become the best-selling game of all time in Japan. The previous record holder was Pokemon Red / Green / Blue for the Game Boy with 10.23 million units sold, and now Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold 10.45 million units for Nintendo Switch. In just two years, its sales in Japan climbed to the number-one spot on the best-selling game charts. 


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