For those who attended the cc last night

  • I'm also really into DUI methods and I'll take the slower path that OSRS Buy Gold will earn more money than a speedier one that is less profitable every day. At present, I'm mining 9K Coal in the guild to earn 70 Mining. Also... how can a skiller efficiently train Farming? The only thing I can think of would be to go fishing in Catherby and farm there while I'm doing it, but I don't think I'd earn a lot of xp off that.

    What's a good way for a skiller to train Thieving? I'm normally inclined to just do staggered stalls, however the guards could cause me to die pretty easily. What's the fastest way to get started with Runecrafting? I'm really not sure what to do other than Air Runes and that will take the whole day. What's a good way to build agility? It's true that I'm not going to suffer any damage as my health is at level 10. And lastly, can I go Dungeoneering? A simple answer or any link that can help me out is much appreciated.

    So Far I've managed to gain some via lamps. I've also completed the Summoning Skill Quest was able to give me lots of Gold Ones. I've tried "freeload" in Soul Wars win lose or tie, just to earn zeal points for charms.. I've even played it with a friend and thought it was similar to Castle War, where you can play 1 against 1 as a private game. (fail)

    The only option I'm trying to raise my hunter to level 54 before using this for Spirit Sprites. Are there any other things I could be lacking? (note I don't fight, so taking out monsters isn't something I'm supposed to be doing.) Oh, hmm... Just need for the Obelisk and my home is complete.

    For those who attended the cc last night, you might have heard that I've made a decision on woodcutting as my primary skill for 99. I was looking for a skill that could not be "bought," per se. I'll probably use one of the two (fletching or cooking) to cut my cape that I use for woodcutting.

    This is the issue: I'm not sure of how to get there. It's obvious that I'll need to get this done quick before I am prone to going insane. So , I'm wondering, what is the fastest method that still makes some decent profits from 71-99? If you have a solution that requires changing tree types or a different approach I'd like to know more about it. If you're suggesting the Buy RuneScape Gold milling process, can you explain how that works? I've heard that it's great xp, however I'm not quite sure how to implement it or whether it's worth the money.