There is no way to fix this unless hacking

  • But I'm not sure. For example, if you press Esc to close your bank, it would need OSRS Gold to use coordinates to find your X which will shut the bank, which would make the process automated and illegal. Pressing F10 also switches to bank and equipment which isn't exactly 1:1 input to output. Switching from equipment to banks can be a multitude of tasks that are not possible to do with 1 button unless you hack the game in order to permit it to do so.

    If this is not the case then develop on the things you would like to achieve, I didn't really understand the question however I did my best. um, dunno were you've been but there's that button in your bank that can show the equipment you have in a single click... Insofar as it's 1:1 i really do not see the point as Jagex included hotkeys in their own inventions like F1 or F1. I did not know about that, so no need to be a jerk about it...

    The problem is still that you are getting more than one output for one key press. There is no way to fix this unless hacking the game applet to add additional key bindings. You could do it via an external program but that is not 1 input to one output. That is 1 input (Esc or F10) to multiple outputs (cursor movement and clicking.) All you need to do is have esc perform the mouse click. This makes it unimportant since you could do it with Mousekeys.

    If you're not doing it completed it, do Royal Trouble because it lets you increase the amount of money in the coffers. I'm assuming that you won't be online for extended periods of time, so, immediately you can put 7.5m within the coffers (talk at Advisor Ghrimm, select "Manage"), and assign Maples as MAX worker and herb to 50% of the workers.

    In this way, you could for a period of 90+ days without taking anything from your territory and achieve maximum profit. Personally, I've put in an amount of 750k plus (75k*8) and just collect it on Wednesdays. There will be less appeal, and it won't reach its maximum. My initial plan was to look it on a daily basis to ensure it was fully maxed out. I was able to check it once every several days.

    Do royal trouble and then like Kemo said, 100 herbs and 50 maples will be a consistent, 100 maple 50 herb can provide you with some nice weeks with seeds. That's exactly what I was referring to. I'm constantly forgetting the differences between them. And, I'm pretty sure it only matters if your approbation is completely when you get it, not every day.

    As a matter of fact, some people took part in a test that one will get Buy RuneScape Gold their approval on a daily basis and another will be 100% before they have checked and it was important that they get 100% every day even if they didn't check. more . I'll post the this link when i find it in rsof.