Normally, I'd say that's perhaps an act of war

  • While I'm writing this newsletter, the writer Will Brinson still is Madden nfl 22 coins able to squeeze time into his busy schedule to sit down with me three times per week on the Pick Six podcast. For Tuesday's episode, that you can hear below, we spent around 27 minutes debating whether or not the Chargers are the top team in the AFC West and then we engaged in a lengthy discussion about how the Raiders are going to finish in the division.

    After a gap of 2 years, London games are finally back. This is great news for me because I have plenty of tea and crumpets in my pantry. Although I could have enjoyed the crumpets or tea at any point in the last two years, it's working for me. When there is an NFL game in London, the only time I'm drinking tea or eating crumpets on Sunday mornings.

    There's a good chance that London isn't going to be offended for us sending them the Falcons and Jets. Normally, I'd say that's perhaps an act of war however, they'll be so thrilled having football they won't even notice that we're sending two of the worst teams in the NFL.

    This game is likely to get a little crazy and that's because every Falcons game has the potential of having a completely bizarre. The last time the Falcons played in London back in 2014, they lost a 21-0 halftime advantage to the Lions and were defeated 22-21 which I believe is still considered to be the most infamous game in the history of the franchise. We all know the fact that Super Bowl LI was a fake.

    What I want to communicate is that the Falcons will lead in the second quarter, but then they'll fall. It'll almost appear as if they're used to this.

    After a month of looking at Washington and Saints, I realized that I don't have the ability to select any game featuring one of these teams. For clarity I'm embarrassingly bad in picking Saints and Washington games.

    After four weeks, I'm at 0-4 when it comes to Washington's games. I'm also not able to pick Saints games. They're the only two teams in the NFL which I've completely missed on this year. If you're not one for math, you'll find that buy Madden 22 coins I'm 0-8 combined picking these two teams. This does not seem even remotely possible when you consider that I'm 41-15 picking games that involve other teams that aren't Washington or New Orleans.