The Chiefs run game was ineffective.

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    Madden Simulation: Andy Reid visits Philadelphia for the second time

    This week this week, the Kansas City Chiefs will be traveling to play the Philadelphia Eagles. They need to stop their losing streak which was extended by last Sunday's loss to the Los Angeles Chargers (30-24).

    L'Jarius Sawed was the one to intercept the Eagles in their first play, while Mike Hughes intercepted the second. Although only one pick was made by the offensive side however, it was an important improvement over the previous week when there were back to consecutive possessions in the offense, when the ball was thrown.

    The Chiefs defensive secondary did excellently, recording a total of three interceptions. Additionally, they were effective in forcing an fumble. All the while, Kansas City's defense was unable to apply the pressure needed to Jalen Hurts. Hurts forced the mistakes when throwing the ball as Sneed, Hughes and Deandre Baker were able, in the end, to knock Hurts off without a hitch.

    The Chiefs run game was ineffective. The Chiefs have only 54 yards of ground in the first quarter of the fourth quarter. The Eagles' defense made a critical fourth-and-1 block that could have altered the momentum of the game.

    Patrick Mahomes played extremely conservatively. Mahomes appeared to prefer to move down the field cautiously and slowly, however, when he was required to score the first down in quarter four, he decided to throw a pick-six in the direction of Darius Slay Jr.

    Mahomes has five turnovers during the game, which cheap Mut 22 coins included three interceptions as well as two forfumbles. Mahomes's cautious play against Eagles did not work as when the Eagles were at a loss in the opening quarter, Mahomes began to make throws which resulted in two interceptions.