New World - Many changes will be added in the game including ne

  • 2021 is about to pass, and New World, which has received much attention this year, is still one of the games with the largest number of players on Steam. If the game hasn't experienced those loopholes or other quality issues that affect the game experience, the number of players in this game will be even greater. Recently, the developers showed their next work plan in a video. In the next few weeks, some errors will be completely fixed, and some new weapons and new systems such as Expedition Mutators will be introduced into New World, thereby Allow RPG New World Coins players to experience a deeper level of fun.

    In the video, the person in charge of Amazon Game Studios stated that they will test it in the PTR before releasing new patches in the future to ensure that the patches will not cause any negative impact on existing games. Although this will affect the release efficiency of new content and reduce the functionality of each patch to a certain extent, the development team believes that it is worthwhile because it will make all the features as useful as possible to players and greatly reduce the number of the error that will appear after the update.

    Among all the new content, the most worthy of the players' attention is the enemies in the Expeditions in the game. When the update is completed, these enemies will get new modifiers every week, certain enemies may start exploding, for example, or when killed will leave a damaging area-of-effect players will need to avoid. Not only that, the player's attributes or Skills may also be weakened in Expeditions, allowing players to face more difficult challenges.

    Another part of the new content that interests players the most is related to weapons. According to the introduction in the video, blunderbuss will be used as a brand new weapon for players to use, which is also the second firearm in the game. Unlike musket, blunderbuss are more suitable for short to mid-range combat. The person in charge said that blunderbuss will give users a sense of excitement, and more explosions and chaos will enhance this gaming experience. The developer also revealed other weapons that New World will introduce in the future, such as greatsword. In order to skillfully use this large weapon in battle, players need to use a feature called stance-switching. The dagger that some New World Coins players really want will take longer to appear, because in the current development progress, the design of the dagger has not fully met the requirements of the game.

    You can also look forward to the next chapter of the main story of New World. Narrative lead Rob Chestney said that the first chapter of the main story will be completed soon, when players will get new quests. The long-awaited new functions for destroying objects and scenes are also under development. In order to reduce the cost of players using fast travel, the team is also preparing to adjust the function and add more fast travel shrines. Undiscovered shrines will become more prominent on the map, allowing players to find them in a larger area. If you want to get a better quality of life in New World, the service from Newworldcoins is essential. Players on any server can buy the cheapest New World Coins on Newworldcoins without worrying about security issues. The security of Newworldcoins has been verified by tens of thousands of players around the world, and it is an absolutely safe seller.