New World team is solving PvP issues

  • New World is undergoing some changes, and these changes will affect Open World PvP, War, and Territory Control.

    New World team recently published a lengthy blog post in response to players’ concerns about the game’s PvP model, revealing some of their plans to encourage the player community to mark PvP more frequently, including rewarding more New World Gold and resources .

    New World players can choose to join or exit PvP while playing the game. There have been incentives to take part in this practice before, but they will be supported in an upcoming update. Two short-term changes being implemented by the New World team include luck rewards, giving players a higher chance of getting good items and more Amazon New World Coins, as well as lower item maintenance costs.

    The high cost of equipment repair is one of the major problems for players at a full level to avoid PvP. In addition, for these players, the highest level of PvP kills will “enhance players’ high watermark” This also requires players to buy New World Coins to upgrade their characters quickly, so that they get these benefits.

    In addition, the PvP mode that has many problems is war, which is a faction-based PvP battle aimed at gaining control of the territory. The team believes that with the next game update, most of the major issues in this mode will be resolved. Except for these issues to be resolved, there will be no further changes to the model. However, the team plans to continue to monitor player feedback to change the future.

    Finally, the team resolved the territorial control issue. The team plans to monitor the faction balance on all servers and make adjustments to balance the situation of all players. The tax system will also change, which will help distribute the main tax revenue stream to each region. There will also be new PvP missions in the game to help factions gain influence and flip territories, and they will be scattered on the map for PvP operations.

    New World team hopes that through continuous updates and repairs, it can restore lost players and provide players with a more complete game. Players can consider whether they need to buy New World Coins to get a better gaming experience after the next update.