Tips and tricks for New World smelting

  • Any new adventurer in New World Aeternum will feel the charm of mining veins once they see their first iron veins protruding from the ground. Then players can buy New World Coins to upgrade their trading skills to make many products. But before players use iron or any other metal to make new tools, weapons, equipment and other items, the metal first needs to be smelted.

    The easiest items for players to smelt in New World are iron and silver ingots. For each of them, there are no additional steps or resources, and even no smelting level requirements. Players only need to convert four ores into one ingot. After the player upgrades his smelting skill level by spending Amazon New World Coins, the player can unlock the ability to produce high-quality metals and precious metals. Iron and silver are also easy to find in Aeternum, especially if the player knows where to find them.

    Different metal ingots require different technical levels and material costs. Iron ingots only cost four iron ore. Steel ingots require 50 smelt skill levels, three iron ingots, one flux, and two charcoal. Silver ingots only cost four silver ores. Gold ingots require 50 smelt skill levels, 5 gold ores, 2 silver ingots, and 1 flux. Platinum ingots require 100 smelt skill levels and 6 platinum ore, 2 gold ingots, and 1 flux. Therefore, raw materials and smelting skills are very important to players, and players can buy New World Coins to get them directly.

    Players can get equipment and consumables for mining work in a variety of ways. Players look for bags and pickaxes from the trading post. These bags and pickaxes have special privileges and can increase the amount of ore collected or carried from the veins. Players can make proficiency boosters from the studio to get more ore each time they mine, and players can cook trade skill meals to increase the player’s mining skill luck.

    If there are players who are not very familiar with this aspect, they can check the detailed guide and get New World Coins at IGGM.