Improvements to Path of Exile: Scourge

  • Path of Exile is about to celebrate its eighth anniversary. Before that, the launch of Scourge seemed very meaningful. From new skill gems to passive tree mastery, including new league gameplay and more rewards, and POE Currency are all things that players are looking forward to.

    Players are plagued by demons in a parallel reality called Wraeclast. High-value items and more POE Currency are attractive enough for players.

    In the Scourge League, players can also find Ruthless Badges, which can be used like ordinary eternal badges, but they will create more challenging and rewarding Legion encounters. In addition, the number of waves of Phantom has increased by 10 waves, which is an enormous challenge for all players, which requires players to have stronger abilities and more POE Currency to contend. Delve has also changed, starting from rebalancing, making earlier depths produce better loot and more difficult, which will still expand as players go further.

    The problem with previous leagues is that players need to pick up specific POE Orbs that are dropped manually, which is time-consuming and meaningless. On the premise of not destroying the economy of the game, GGG improved the original problem by letting specific POE Chaos Orb automatically stack up. This change also applies to Path of Exile Currency available in the game, reducing the resource collection time in any activity.

    GGG is working hard to improve the problems of the previous version, and it is also improving in many aspects. GGG makes Path of Exile better step by step, which can stimulate players’ desire to buy POE Currency.

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