Frequently asked questions about small hidden tracking devices

  • As a well-known domestic car locator design solution service provider, mobile communication specifically for you to sort out some of the car locator related issues, and to answer questions, hoping to help some users more understand the use of the locator and precautions.

    Car locator, as the name suggests, refers to a positioning terminal device used in vehicle track query, which is different from the navigation system of the vehicle, the navigation system in the car can tell you how to go, and the car locator developed by mobile communication, with the help of the server and location platform, can query the location information of the vehicle, vehicle fault query and other functions, in the application field. The vehicle locator is mainly used in the management of enterprise vehicles, the management of insurance rental vehicles, etc., to prevent the occurrence of private use of public vehicles.

    After the continuous cognition of car locator products, we often encounter some problems, we will answer the problems encountered in the use of car locator:

    1. After my vehicle is installed with a GPS locator, what is displayed on the platform map is not the location of the vehicle?

    A: There are usually several reasons for this.

    First, the vehicle locator has just been installed, and the vehicle is stationary, the device will not send new location information to the server. So it's still showing the old location data. Just take the car out for a few minutes and update the location.

    Second, the signal conditions of the environment in which the vehicle is located are relatively poor, and the GPS satellite signal can not be searched completely, resulting in the vehicle locator receiving no signal. It is recommended that you detect whether it is caused by signal problems and eliminate related problems.

    Third, the installation problem of the vehicle locator, the installation position is too closed, and it is not easy to search for the satellite signal again after the satellite signal is interrupted. If the fault occurs repeatedly, adjust the installation position.

    Four, see if the SIM card is used normally.

    2. Why can my vehicle still drive autonomously after the fuel and power are disconnected remotely through your company's GPS positioning terminal platform?

    A: Please make sure that your small hidden tracking devices relay is connected correctly. In addition, the GPS locator must be connected to the server to ensure that the vehicle is in a "stationary" or "moving" state, and the vehicle speed is less than 20 km/h. If the locator is offline, not located, or the vehicle speed is higher than 20 km/h, even if the remote oil power is successfully cut off, the locator will not cut off the oil power.

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