vacuum fume extractor maintenance cleaning cycle and cleanin

  • vacuum fume extractor maintenance cleaning period and cleaning time are important factors affecting trap performance and operating status. The cleaning cycle and cleaning time are related to factors such as the cleaning method taken and the nature of the object treated, so it is necessary to understand the nature of the dust and the concentration of the dust, and to determine the need for examination. The principle of determining the cleaning cycle and the cleaning time is that different cleaning Settings are adopted according to different cleaning methods. The first consideration is that the next adhesion layer can be left on the filter bag, and the cleaning cycle is determined with less cleaning time. The cleaning cycle is as long as possible, and the cleaning time is as short as possible, so that it can operate under the resistance conditions of economic dust removal equipment.

    Atmospheric reverse blowing ash type: if the cleaning time is too short, the dust on the filter bag has not yet been fully cleared into the work, which will make the resistance quickly recover and gradually raise. On the contrary, the cleaning time is too long, and the filtration speed is increased due to excessive cleaning, and the dust can drill into the inside of the filter cloth, resulting in the blockage and damage of the filter bag. Vibration cleaning method: it is basically the same as the atmospheric reverse blowing cleaning method, and the failure of the driving part is also one of the reasons. Pulse cleaning type: If the cleaning time is too short, due to excessive and frequent cleaning, dust can drill into the inside of the filter cloth leading to blockage and damage to the filter bag. On the contrary, the cleaning time is too long, then the dust accumulation on the filter bag will make the equipment in high resistance operation.

    vacuum fume extractor maintenance is the use of the filter bag made of fiber woven material to filter the dust, so that the dust air can be purified. When the dust accumulates on the filter bag to the corresponding degree, the filter bag is sprayed and cleaned by means of compressed air in the form of pulse, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the filter bag. When the dust bag is attracted by the fan, the dust-containing air enters the dust chamber box through the air inlet at the bottom of the lower box, and the dust particles are blocked in the outer wall of the filter bag, and the air purified through the filter bag is discharged from the fan outlet.

    vacuum fume extractor maintenance refers to the method of blowing compressed air to remove the dust attached to the filter medium (cloth bag or filter cartridge); According to the size of the dust collector may have several groups of pulse valves, controlled by the pulse controller or PLC, each time open a set of pulse valves to remove the dust of the part of the bag or filter cartridge controlled by it, while other bags or filter cartridging work normally, after a period of time, the next set of pulse valves open, clean the next part of the dust collector by the ash bucket, the upper box, the middle box, the lower box and other parts. The upper, middle and lower boxes are divided into chambers. When working, the dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper from the inlet air duct, the coarse dust particles directly fall into the bottom of the ash hopper, the fine dust particles enter the middle and lower box with the airflow turning point, the dust accumulation is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag, the filtered gas enters the upper box to the clean gas collection tube - exhaust air duct, and is discharged to the atmosphere by the exhaust fan.

    vacuum fume extractor maintenance