Classification and advantages of jacketed kettle tank manufactu

  • jacketed kettle tank manufacturer is a storage tank made of stainless steel, which is mainly used to store various chemical solutions. At present, the popular storage tanks in the market are steel lined plastic storage tanks, stainless steel storage tanks, corrosion resistant storage tanks, plastic storage tanks, polyethylene storage tanks, polypropylene storage tanks and other chemical storage tanks.

    jacketed kettle tank manufacturers can withstand higher pressures than ordinary rotoplastic storage tanks and are widely used in many high-pressure situations. At the same time, jacketed kettle tank manufacturer has excellent sealing performance, thoroughly eliminating the invasion of harmful substances and mosquitoes in the air, and ensuring that the liquid stored in the tank is protected from external pollution and does not breed red insects.

    jacketed kettle tank manufacturer It has the advantages of energy saving, noise reduction, corrosion resistance, strong production capacity, and easy cleaning. Specific advantages are:

    1, the material is generally selected 304/316L stainless steel, some storage tanks with special requirements can choose higher materials, such as C276, 904L, 1.4529, etc., with good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life.

    2. Automatic welding and welding are used in jacketed kettle tank manufacturer to ensure that harmful substances and impurities in the air are not penetrated into the tank, and loaded materials are not exposed to external pollution and bacteria breeding.

    3, convenient cleaning and maintenance, jacketed kettle tank manufacturer is generally mirromed inside, cleaning only need to rinse with water can be clean, rarely need maintenance.

    4, high environmental protection coefficient, stable stainless steel material, not easy to store response, can be recycled for a long time.

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