Whether the transfer machine's tool setting techniqu

  • The tool setting is that before the transfer machine processing begins, the operator adopts a certain measurement method to make the knife point of the tool consistent with the knife point to be cut. Position the fixture on the transfer machine, after installing the parts, the amount block, feeler, dial meter, etc., use the coordinate to set the knife. In the machining process, it is first necessary to determine the machining origin of the part, establish an accurate machining coordinate system, and then consider the influence of different tool sizes on the machining accuracy. All these need to be solved by discussion.

    1, lever dial indicator knife skills

    The tool setting process has the characteristics of low efficiency and high precision. When the tool is set, the lever dial indicator is first adsorbed on the milling machine spindle with the magnetic table holder, and then the instruction is input to the CNC to make the spindle rotate at a lower speed. The pulse generator is manually operated to make the main shaft of the transfer machine rotate in an orderly manner near the workpiece surface. Press the Z-axis probe 0.1 mm on the surface of the workpiece. At this time, manually reduce the displacement of the pulse generator, align the rotating spindle with the control center to be measured, and then record the coordinates.

    2, length compensation tool technology

    The tool setting method with length compensation is adopted. As long as the tool is located on the surface of the workpiece, the cutting point of the tool can be any point. When the tool is set, the tool is first installed on the spindle in order, and then the relative position and zero point of each tool are recorded with the Z-direction locator, and then the tool that is longer or shorter from the workpiece is used as the benchmark. Determine the compensation amount of other tools, enter the compensation amount into the CNC system memory, and start machining.

    The tool change method only needs to consider the change of Z axis position, without considering the change of X axis and Y axis position, which can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the efficiency of tool change, and is a commonly used tool change method. However, due to the defects of the method itself, the transfer machine is prone to small errors in the processing process, which will affect the processing quality and cause economic losses.

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