Learn about white hot melt powder wholesaler

  • Society is progressing, The Times are also progressing, people's pursuit and preferences have been very different than before, in the ranks of fashion trends, clothing is particularly prominent, but the pattern of the clothing industry needs to use a technology "hot painting", which adds a decorative beauty to the clothing. The so-called hot stamping is a process similar to heat transfer, which can spread white hot melt powder wholesaler evenly on the film through the powder process, and then press the film to the clothing fabric for use. This new process is better than the traditional gluing process, whether from the production point of view or the customer experience point of view.

    Features: 1, non-toxic, tasteless, no solvent volatilization

    2, good operational performance

    3, no stimulation to human skin

    4. Good washable resistance.

    The application of rubber powder

    white hot melt powder wholesaler is a kind of white powder, there are different particle size of rubber powder, coarse powder 250-400um, medium powder 80-250um, fine powder 0-80um, we can customize different specifications of rubber powder according to customer demand. Coarse powder is mainly used for flocking transfer. white hot melt powder wholesaler can be evenly spread on the hot stamping film through the powder process with strong absorption, requiring no fine powder residue, good washing fastness and no blocking of the net. The fine powder is mainly used to disperse in the glue. The glue made by white hot melt powder wholesaler has the characteristics of good washable resistance, good fastness, fast drying speed, not easy to block the net, and does not affect the ink color. So white hot melt powder wholesaler is a new kind of environmental protection material.

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