What are the advantages of using a silicone drainage system

  • Huashang RFID medical consumables management is the use of RFID technology to build a complete medical high value consumables cabinet tracking system. It is the best solution to solve the status quo of high value and consumable products management. From selecting the type and quantity of medical consumables to automatically storing and transporting consumables, using automated and precise correlations during surgery so that each medical consumable can be traced back to the supplier and manufacturer, to the surgeon and patient; At the same time, it can dynamically query the real-time inventory, accounting and payment status of high-value consumables at any time, which not only provides a detailed data basis for future statistical analysis, but also realizes the entire process of tracking and monitoring high-value consumables, and once the quality problems of high-value consumables occur, they can be easily traced to protect the rights of patients and hospitals.

    What are the advantages of the silicone drainage system manufacturer function?

    1, fast and accurate recognition, the HR7758 reader can read more than 120 RFID tags on medical supplies per second, and automatically obtain relevant data.

    2, RFID technology is not limited by the size and shape of the product and packaging, and can be applied to different products and consumables.

    3, high accuracy, each consumable paste has a unique RFID identification code, the identity of medical consumables has the only guarantee.

    4, smart consumables management can be configured with high-definition touch screen, easy to operate and use.

    5. Real-time monitoring of the quantity of consumables on the consumables cabinet and shelves can quickly respond to the actual inventory quantity and location.

    6, intelligent supplies cabinet can be configured to support a variety of door opening methods, such as fingerprint, face, IC card, finger veins, etc.

    7, each consumable application, procurement, acceptance, receipt, use, scrap process background can be recorded and queried.

    8. The manufacturer of silicone drainage system can set hierarchical administrators, each of which has different management permissions, and the total management can add or delete administrators.

    There are two common ways to achieve medical consumables management: intelligent consumables cabinet and intelligent consumables shelf, the following is a brief introduction from the RFID technology point of view, more details please consult Shanghai Yingxin sales consultant.

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