8 Tips for Selecting a Wedding Dress Color

  • Color from the dress has converted into an essential aspect for brides when selecting a wedding gown for themselves. If you're also struggling to find the best color for your wedding gown we have 8 strategies for you that may help you pick the correct wedding gown color very quickly.

    1. Consider the culture and customs

    When you are looking at choosing a wedding gown, color culture and traditions play a vital role in molding the decision from the bride.

    For example, in Turkey brides wear bright colors on the wedding day, mostly purple or red colorization, as well as their dresses, are decorated with beautiful red bows and ornaments. Meanwhile, in Thailand, the brides usually wear wedding gowns with a mixture of pink and cream color or beige color. Similarly, Indian wedding gowns, especially bridal outfit, is renowned for their flamboyant and unique styling that seems bigger than life.

    So long story short white is way from the only real color of option for a wedding gown in lots of cultures, so it's best to talk to your lover and your families before picking the color of your wedding gown that suits both your cultures.

    2. Pick wedding gown color based on the location from the wedding

    If you plan on an inside wedding, such as a marriage hall, you can look at wearing an off-white color wedding gown. Or if you are searching for a more colorful dress for the indoor wedding, ensure the material or even the embroidery around the dress isn’t too shiny.

    If the wedding is being in a church, it is better to go having a white dress because it matches the theme from the location much better than any other color dress.

    In case you plan an outdoor wedding especially a seaside wedding, also it would be better to choose some light bohemian wedding dress. White, light sky blue, pearl pink, and lightweight yellow color wedding gowns are suitable for beach weddings because these colors match with the general scenery perfectly.

    3. Consider the most recent trend in wedding gown colors

    It is obvious the white wedding gowns are not losing sight of fashion shortly, actually, white wedding gowns are still the most popular wedding gown color. But you may also try some other trendy wedding gown options for example floral wedding gown, contrast wedding gown, solid dress having a colored belt, and so forth.

    4. Consider the season

    What season the wedding is taking place in is a huge factor. For example, within the spring season, bright colors for example pink and orange are popularly used. In the summer, it is better to go with wedding gowns with warm colors for example yellow and purple. In autumn and winter weddings, darker shades of wedding gowns are preferred.

    5. Consider the color of your lover’s outfit

    Although your primary focus is going to be on your wedding gown, additionally you need to think about the style and color of your lover’s outfit when choosing the color for your wedding dress. The majority of grooms wear a suit at the wedding. The coat and trousers from the groom’s suit ought to be in cool color or warm color based on the cool or warm color from the bride’s dress.

    6. Consider the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses

    Compared to creating the choice of a wedding gown for the bride-to-be, the bridesmaid’s dress is less difficult to pick. All you have to do would be to make sure the colors from the bridesmaid’s dress match the color theme from the wedding. Once the bride-to-be’s dress color is chosen, her bridesmaid can choose the color of their bridesmaid dresses quickly.


    More and much more brides are going to wear the gown color they need rather than going using the traditional white wedding gown color. And in all honesty, it's your big day, you have the best to choose any color dress you need to wear on your special day. We hope the 6 tips we now have given you will assist you in finding the best color for your wedding gown.