Path of Exile: Scourge will be released this week

  • GGG will release the next expansion of Path of Exile this week, Path of Exile: Scourge. This latest expansion pack will bring a lot of content, including six new items that are completely unique to the rest of the game, some improvements to the world atlas, new aspirational endgame content, and an improved passive skill tree with more Options, new skill gems and guild functions, many balance changes and artifacts that are automatically collected. Players can prepare enough POE Currency to deal with the upcoming new league.

    In Path of Exile: Scourge, players will have a device called "Blood Crucible" implanted in their bodies, and they can fill it with the blood of monsters they killed. Once the player has enough health, they can activate the device, allowing them to travel to a parallel doomsday Wraeclast, which is occupied by the demon known as The Scourge. Players need to grasp the time in the alternate Wraeclast, because the damage the players receive is related to the time inside. So players are best to buy POE Currency to reduce their own harm.

    In the alternative Wraeclast, players will also find Tainted Chromatic Orbs, Tainted Jeweller's Orbs, and Tainted Orbs of Fusing to modify the slots in their damaged items. In addition, when the player kills natural disasters and other monsters while moving, Blood Crucible will gain experience and can be upgraded. If players want to get a lot of experience quickly, they can also prepare some POE Currency to improve themselves.

    Then players can assign their own skill points in their passive skill interface, which allows it to focus on many aspects, such as unlocking additional inventory slots, faster conversion of items, better conversion results, and the ability to convert unique items and many more. Every skill in Blood Crucible can be assigned eventually, but this requires a lot of killing. Therefore, smart players will always Buy POE Currency to get some powerful items to enhance their strength.