Path of Exile: Scourge will add more new content

  • Path of Exile: Scourge will be released in the expectation of players. It will be released on PC and Mac on October 22, and console players will play it on October 27. For loyal players of Path of Exile, this may be exciting, because this expansion has made many changes, so players can prepare enough POE Currency in advance so that they can quickly adapt to the new league. Here are some changes brought about by the Scourge League.

    Players will get Uber Legion and Uber Delirium encounters, the latter providing 10 additional Simulacrum waves. The Uber Delirium encounter can now even provide players with multiple unique Deliriums, whereas before, only one unique Delirium could be dropped. Players can also see some major changes about Delve, which should make it easier to postpone mining until later in the game. So in order to make the game easier in the latter stage, players can Buy POE Currency to enhance their strength. Players can also expect to encounter underground cities and bosses more frequently, and the drop of fossils and resonators will increase.

    In this natural disaster league, the passive skill tree will also be redesigned. Many skills have been removed from niche statistics and put into a new passive mastery system. Passive mastery will appear in all passive clusters outside the starting position of the classes. When players spend a skill point on this mastery, they will choose the privileges they unlock. Changes in the passive tree will change the way passives work, which will make it possible for players to create some interesting constructs. Players can also buy POE Currency to make their own construction more powerful.

    The Scourge League will add new skill gems and rebalance some existing skills. With the launch of Scourge League, Expedition has also become the core. Finally, after months of requests, players will also be able to see some improvements to the drop stack, which will make it easier to collect all the POE Currency dropped later in the game.