How to trade with other players in Path of Exile?

  • For some novice players, they may not know the various mechanisms in Path of Exile, and may not know the entire process of trading with other players. Although this is a way to get POE Currency, many players also choose to Buy POE Currency to make their game easier. There are also some players who may not know how to trade with other players. Here is what players need to know.

    PoE uses several types of production materials, and they can also double as POE Currency (usually scrolls and orbs). Players in Path of Exile must trade directly with other players. If there are other players who have the items they want, they can find these players and start transactions manually. Players can use websites such as, run by game developers, to find players who sell the items they want to buy. This is the easiest site to use because they can send messages to players and set transactions directly.

    After everything is ready, the player drags the items they will exchange onto the shared screen. After everything is agreed, both players accept and complete the transaction. The complete process should be like this: use to find the item they want, click the “whisper” button next to the name of the player who sold the item, click on the private message, a line of text will be copied, and the players can paste it into the game chat Contact the players directly in the game. If they are online, they will want to send you back a message and set a meeting place. Please be sure to bring the agreed POE Currency. As long as the players meet, it will complete the transaction.

    Path of Exile Currency. There are many items that can be used as POE Currency in PoE. There are actually hundreds of these items, the most basic of which are Scrolls of Wisdom, Chaos orbs, shards, vias or Mirrors. Players can buy POE Currency to get them, which will bring them unimaginable effects.