Path of Exile: Scourge continues to make important balance refo

  • The Path of Exile team will hold a special live broadcast recently to discuss the Scourge expansion 3.16, which will be launched later this month. The stream will take place on PoE Twitch on October 14th, and there will be plenty of reveals about what is going to happen in Path of Exile. Scourge will be launched soon and will be available on PC and Mac on October 22. Interested players can prepare POE Currency in advance.

    Players may have seen some balance changes in the game recently, ready for new content updates. These include changes in how to prevent or reduce disease. Instead of the old flask system, there will now be more options, such as spells, skills, different types of flasks, and even item modifiers and passive skills can be used as solutions. The entire flask system is undergoing overhaul, which not only brings more choices, but also brings different flask types, modifier layers, and even provides faster treatment by allowing the life flask to heal the same amount in half the time. If there are players who have not achieved good achievements in the Expedition League, they can buy POE Currency to quickly improve in a short period of time.

    They are also overhauling the core role defense and recovery system, removing evasion, and strengthening other forms of expandable defense. Things like armor do not provide enough defense for investment, but need to add more to be enough. The armor will therefore be stronger. However, armor does not protect against elemental damage, so they will overhaul the passive in the tree to help achieve this. Over time, auras, curses, and elemental damage have also been improved to make them more balanced, rather than making things completely unbalanced. If a character, for example, specializes in auras and is maximized to cause people The incredible damage overwhelmed the enemy. Players can also use POE Currency to enhance character damage.

    As the game prepares for the upcoming Path of Exile: Scourge, these and more changes make the direction of Path of Exile clearer. If players want to learn more, they can pay more attention to the official website and check out more upcoming major changes in the relevant forums. Before that, players can Buy POE Currency to better deal with the Path of Exile 3.16 expansion.