Path of Exile Scourge League is available today!

  • According to the recent leaks of Path of Exile Scourge League, the guild content in the game has also been expanded. Guild owners can now choose any hideout they have unlocked and turn it into a guild hideout for their guild members to access. On the other hand, the guild hideout now supports control plus click and advanced hideout tabs. GGG even said that guild masters can export CVS files with guild storage activity logs, which is very convenient for large guilds that often use storage, which can save many POE Currency.

    As in the usual leagues, the Scourge League will add new skill gems and rebalance some existing skills. With the launch of the Scourge League, Expedition has also become the core. Since performing Expedition League did not satisfy the players, in the past few months, players have been requesting more exciting content. Some drop stacking improvements will be available soon, which will make it easier for players to Buy Exalted Orbs later in the game.

    Scourge League has also brought a lot of changes. Every Path of Exile player can learn about 3.16 by checking the “NEWS GUIDE” of POECurrency or searching for “Where to Buy POE Currency For Path Of Exile 3.16: Scourge?” Detailed information about the extension and how to buy the cheapest POE Currency with instant delivery.

    What we have to do now is to pay attention to Path of Exile Scourge League together, hoping that its popularity and surprises to players will surpass Expedition League, so that players will have greater enthusiasm to fight and buy POE Currency, to enjoy the thrill of hunting demons. Kill!