What are the major changes in the Path of Exile Scourge League?

  • Path of Exile Scourge items can be unlocked by using Scourge modifiers of different levels to convert a total of 3 times. For the most powerful mod, it sounds like players want to convert the same project all three times. They can upgrade even the blood cauldron through its skill tree, and once the player enters the endgame, they can also paste their map and POE Currency in the blood cauldron to make changes. GGG has launched six new unique items in this challenge league. Although new unique items may not always be exciting, two are worth noting.

    Scourge League will also make some changes to the world atlas, reducing the number of regions in the atlas from 8 to 4. This reduces the number of Watch Stones to be unlocked to 16. GGG stated that the new atlas will include approximately 100 maps and all unique maps. Although the player’s Atlas skill tree will still receive the same number of passive points as before, the tree itself has been expanded to POE Currency for the reduced area.

    Atlas rework is not the only change to the Path of Exile endgame, because GGG will introduce new endgame content for those seeking more challenges in the game. Players will also get Uber Legion and Uber Delirium encounters, the latter providing 10 additional Simulacrum waves. The Uber Delirium encounter can now even provide you with multiple unique Deliriums, whereas before, they could drop only one unique Delirium. Players can also expect to encounter underground cities and bosses more frequently, and the drop of fossils and resonators will increase.

    GGG also redesigned the passive skill tree in this update. Many skills have been removed from niche statistics and put into a new passive mastery system. Passive mastery will appear in all passive clusters outside the starting position of the course. When players spend a skill point on these mastery, they will choose the privileges they unlock.

    These interesting changes will arouse players’ enthusiasm for participating in the Path of Exile Scourge League. And if the players want to fight in the world of that demon and get excellent results, then they’d better buy POE Orbs in case they need it from time to time. Wait!