The competition between Path of Exile’s Headhunter and Endgame

  • Because of the approaching Path of Exile Scourge Expansion, the powerful Headhunter in the game's history may become a strong competitor to Endgame. It is precisely because of the diversity of Path of Exile’s construction that this game stands out from the crowd of ARPG games. Although every new alliance will eventually have some options and items to determine the current metadata, most players use a small part of the construction and POE Currency.

    The construction of Path of Exile comprises many large and small components. The first is all the passive nodes that the player can pick up on the passive tree, especially Scourge, where passive mastery will be started. Each piece of equipment further makes up the character’s offensive and defensive capabilities, so the player must make a balance every time he changes the settings. Some of these items may be unique in terms of rarity, and they usually end up being substandard options, niche options, or powerful items that work well in most Chaos Orb.

    However, with the expansion of 3.16, players will get powerful new unique items. Although they are very rare, but they will have a great impact on the environment. One of them is the newly launched Mageblood Unique belt, which allows players to keep four-fifths of the potion active, with no shortcomings, and without requiring them to take any action. This only applies to the utility bottle, so players cannot get a constant source of healing by making it work on the life bottle, but Mageblood looks like one of the most powerful games ever.

    It stimulated the players’ enthusiasm for Path of Exile Scourge, and some players who are tired of Diablo gradually switched to Path of Exile. Regardless of new and old players, if they want to enjoy this fresh adventure experience, it is best to buy more POE Currency and items. Just wait!