Path of Exile Scourge Expansion gives players a demonic experie

  • In Grinding Gear Games’ upcoming Scourge Expansion in Path of Exile, players will face the overwhelming demons in their hometown. They will sprinkle blood to attract monsters. Although this trip will be dangerous, it will also generate some of the best rewards Path of Exile has so far. Not only many POE Currency, there will also be unexpected resources and loot available for players.

    Grinding Gear Games revealed details about Scourge Expansion in the live broadcast, which also explained some upcoming game final content changes, passive skill tree rework, new skills entering the game, balance changes, and guild improvements. When you leave Lioneye’s Watch, Scourge will begin, where players will encounter an NPC that appears out of thin air, chased by an invisible torturer. Grinding Gear Games said that she will give you Blood Crucible and instructions for embedding it in your own body. Blood Crucible is the key for players to enter another dimension, which is full of demons called Scourge, who must use blood collected from killed enemies to continue to challenge them.

    The more blood players collect in the cauldron, the longer they will stay in the demon version of Wraeclast. Collect enough corruption, the item itself will corrupt, get a pair of Scourge modifiers, you can add a positive and a negative feature to their own items. Players can perform this operation up to 3 times, so if they use modules they don’t like for the first time, they won’t trap POE Currency.

    The developers say that the system allows players to determine the outcome of the challenge level Scourged they want to accept. In fact, changing maps multiple times can make them too dangerous to complete. Grinding Gear Games stated it has also taken a prudent approach to redesign Path of Exile’s complex passive skill tree to make it familiar enough for players who have invested a lot of time in it, while cutting away less frequently used skills.

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