Details About Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge

  • With Path of Exile: Expedition coming to an end, the Path of Exile 3.16 expansion is about to arrive. According to the news currently available, the Expedition League will end on the PC on October 18. For console players, the expedition league will end on October 27th. So for players who have not had a prominent result in the league, they can now POE Currency Buy to improve themselves in a short period of time.

    The PoE 3.16 extension is called Path of Exile: Scourge. PC and Mac players can use it on October 22, and console players will have to wait until October 27 to play it. GGG has made a number of changes to it, and strives to bring players a refreshing experience. So Path of Exile: What changes will Scourge bring? Here is what the players can know.

    In Path of Exile: Scourge, a new POE Currency: Sacred Orb has been added. Several new POE Items have been added: Chayula’s Flawless Breachstone, Blight-ravaged Map. Added several Divination Cards: Chasing Risk, Disdain, Guardian’s Challenge, The Aspirant, The Catch. GGG also added some other items, including Spell Suppression, Magebane, Divine Shield,  Unrelenting Timeless Vaal Emblem, Lethe Shade, Reservation Efficiency, New Biome Modifiers.

    Add a new passive skill cluster in the Passive Skill Tree area between Shadow and Witch, allowing you to invest in the HP on kills and recover part of the damage as HP. Added a new Keystone Passive Skill (Divine Shield), and added more mixed Armour/Energy Shield Passives in the Templar section of the Passive Skill Tree. Add more Maximum Elemental Resistances to the passive tree area with Armour.

    The basic type is now generated with a random base defense of 0-10% higher, which is a built-in currently unmodifiable attribute. This means that all basic types can be better than the current ones, and the basic armor types are no longer homogeneous. The Energy Shield value of the basic type varies between 0-20%. Change the enhancement mechanism to make its effect based on the players' melee damage. Now players can use the Versatile Combatant as the Keystone Passive, and they can also replace the Gladiator Ascendancy skill. It can also increase the Block chance and Spell Block chance that players get from POE Currency.

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