Path of Exile: Scourge (3.16) will go live on October 22

  • ARPG Path of Exile, an action developed from Diablo, will undergo its 31st expansion. The 3.16 extension called Scourge will be released via real-time Twitch streaming on October 14th (Twitch Drops will be enabled). The extension they will launch it on the PC on October 22nd and on the console on October 27th. Those players who have an acute interest in the new league are best to buy some POE Currency in advance to meet the frenzy of Scourge.

    Scourge is the third expansion of Path of Exile in 2021, after GGG deployed Expedition on July 23. The update provides POE Currency, a log, new character building gems, and some game balance changes. Grinding Gear Games has devoted more energy to the development of Scourge after absorbing the failure experience of Expedition. They also promised players that they will see a more exciting and popular scene.

    Later this year, Grinding Gear Games will host this year’s ExileCon, where it hopes to announce the release date of Path of Exile 2 and more gameplay (aka POE 4.0). The expansion/sequel was first announced and released in 2020, but they have postponed it to 2022 for reasons that may not require explanation. Regarding Path Of Exile 2, players have already invested too much anticipation and energy, and only look forward to the smooth release of it by then.

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