Get Amazon New World Gold Coins Quickly!

  • With the full development of Amazon New World, many MMO fans have gradually learned that one of the key mechanisms of New World is to get New World Coins. Various resources are provided in the game, and players can become rich in the world of Aeternum through marketing.

    So how do we quickly get New World Coins in the game?
    Aeternum’s economy is based on New World Coins. NW Coins is the currency in Amazon New World, which can be got and traded in any major settlement in the game. It can buy weapons, armor, potions, and houses. As the player base grows, so will conflicts, and the control of each settlement will become turbulent with the economy of each region. Before the war, players often donated gold to the treasury of their faction. They can buy territory to gain the upper hand at the end of the war.

    According to each player’s game style, their contribution and responsibility to wealth will play an interesting role in the game. Therefore, players can use some popular methods to increase their own resources.

    Trading Post
    In any MMO, the market is one of the popular methods players can use to sell goods. They can sell everything from raw materials to refined armor at the settlement trading post. Of course, it does not include items bound to the character. No matter which settlement they are in, there are players flocking to the trading station. From low-level to high-level, everyone will eventually sell or buy items in the market. We can say that it is your job to become the wolf of the trading post. Some of the more profitable options are cloth, linen, arrows, and ammunition. This may change because the market may become saturated with such commodities, reducing the chance of their own inventory being bought out.

    Mission Accomplished
    This method is laborious, but players will not only get New World Gold Coins but also gain experience. Therefore, it is best for them to follow the main tasks and community committee and faction related tasks. Since the missions of factions and town committees will never run out, players can continue to accept them! The reward is a small amount of RPG New World Coins on top of faction points, tokens, territorial prestige, and prestige. Be prepared for multiple round trips, but players can make themselves easier. But before setting off, plan your route by fixing the nearest task to your side. After that, just jump from one target to another in a row.

    Craft Bags
    After completing a few hours of missions in Aeternum, players may already feel overburdened. This is annoying, because they can’t do much to correct the problem other than discarding some items. This is where Craft bags come into play, because they can expand inventory space. Collect materials for these bags, make them immediately and list them on the market. Bags are just one of the high-quality daily necessities that everyone needs, so it is best for players to have more bags.

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