Path of Exile player trading guide

  • In the game, the currency that players need to use for transactions is called POE Currency. Each of them has various effects, which can be used to modify items, thereby affecting their overall value. There is no auction house in Path of Exile for players to browse, so they need to find a player in the game who also wants to trade. They can list the items they want to sell on, but only if they need an advanced storage tab.

    In Path of Exile’s microtransaction store, players will find a hidden tag category, which provides a series of different tags suitable for various purposes. Some have special layouts for organizing artifacts, maps, or other unique types of loot that players might find.

    Players may wish to price their items individually, because they only have one premium tag, and the value of the loot may vary greatly. When players put any POE Currency in this advanced tab, they can right-click on it and set its price, choosing how much they want someone to pay for certain types of crafting resources. Then, assuming it is reasonably priced and is an item that people really want, other players will soon start sending messages.

    Since lists all other people trying to sell the item, the first thing players can do is to search for similar items to them and see what their price is. This applies especially to Unique items. If the player's search does not return any results, cast a larger net before giving up. Use advanced search to filter by the basic type of items, and select a broader item level to see other similar but not identical items.

    Players will continue to accumulate POE Currency during the transaction process, which is essential for their game upgrades. Therefore, players can also POE Currency Buy online during the collection process.