Path of Exile 2 postponed to 2024

  • Path of Exile 2 was announced to be postponed to 2024, and the public beta will be conducted within one or two years. There is no doubt that the pandemic and its associated effects have caused delays, resulting in slower progress than originally planned. As the New Zealand border remains closed for the rest of the year, it is difficult to find and hire new employees to expand the team. GGG also had other problems in the overall art direction of the project to make it more different from the previous work.

    Having said that, the delay of Path of Exile 2 should be a foregone conclusion. In addition to the common problems related to POE Curreny, the bigger question is what impact it will have on the game. Like all sequels, they should all be better in terms of graphics, art direction, gameplay and more content.

    At the same time, some people will not consider it as a real sequel, because the sequel is just an extra event. Nevertheless, for convenience, it will be called as such. No matter what Path of Exile 2 actually is, the important thing is that in addition to new POE Currency, it will expand knowledge in many ways. The first is the chronology of the sequel, which is set twenty years after the first.

    As for the original exiles, they were just considered to have become godlike beings. They thought Wraeclast was too small for them to care about. At the same time, players can bring their Path of Exile 1 players into 2, but cannot bring their items, including Exalted Orb. In addition, if players want to POE Currency Buy, POECurreny will be a good choice, cheap, safe and reliable.