GGG announces that the release date of Path of Exile 2 has been

  • It has been eight years since Path of Exile was released. During this period, it has undergone many updates and gained a large number of fans. It has become one of the most successful and oldest games of its kind.

    The playable characters in Path of Exile 2 will be new characters with their own sublimation careers. Due to the epidemic and the lack of environmental artists in GGG, the release date was postponed to 2024 or a little earlier.

    The development team made this decision, probably not an easy decision, but a natural step on the hard and tortuous road in real life hardships. The development team has also been dealing with many players’ dissatisfaction with the latest version, from the last few leagues and their mechanics to the balance changes made with them, as well as players’ problems with using POE Currency to purchase various items. Unskilled.

    Players’ Path of Exile characters and purchased decorative items will be transferred to Path of Exile 2. This does not mean that the first Path of Exile will get all the features of Path of Exile 2. The items in the game will be specific to each POE Currency, so players won't see much crossover in this regard.

    Although it is a good thing for GGG to take the time to complete Path of Exile 2 correctly before its release, many changes should be made to Path of Exile during this period so that it can keep up with players' needs at all times. Now players can also choose POECurrency to POE Currency Buy, which is a store exclusively selling POE Currency at very cheap prices.